How much do you know about common sense knowledge of scallion powder? Let's learn more together!

2022-12-08 13:21

Golden scallion powder, also known as sequins, is a product used for exterior decoration of clothing, handicrafts, and other products. Golden onion powder can be used on various materials such as paper packaging, Christmas cards, cloth, wood, metal, leather goods, plastic, ceramics, glass, ink, paint, seam sealants, etc. through plastic injection molding, screen printing, surface coating, spraying, etc., forming special decorative or reflective effects, which are very eye-catching. Today, the editor will take you to have a brief understanding of the common knowledge of Jincong powder!

1、 The History of Golden Scallion Noodles: Golden Scallion Noodles were first founded by the American company Greet in 1963, with a history of over 40 years. China has emerged in the past decade. Golden scallion powder is commonly known as glitter flakes, golden scallion flakes, glitter powder, etc. Silver flake, gold flake, color flake, seven color flake, and laser flake all refer to a single variety of "golden onion powder".

2、 The basic characteristics of Golden Scallion Powder: The shape of Golden Scallion Powder is hexagonal, square (square), circular, triangular, five-star, elongated, and special. If necessary, other special shapes can be customized according to customer requirements. Currently, the market is mostly dominated by hexagonal shapes. The materials of Jincong powder include aluminum foil (aluminum material), PET plastic film, PVC plastic film, polyester film, etc. The golden onion powder made of aluminum material is heat-resistant, and its brightness and color will not change at high temperatures around 280 ℃; The temperature resistance of PET plastic film is around 180 ℃; The temperature resistance of PVC plastic film is around 75 ℃.

3、 Category of scallion powder: There are many colors of scallion powder, but at present, it can be divided into five categories in the market: silver and white, gold, color, colorful and multicolored, laser. And the thickness of Jincong powder varies depending on the industry, and there are currently 18 μ m、25 μ m、35 μ m、50 μ m、188 μ Products with different thicknesses such as m.

4、 The basic production process of Jincong powder: first, the surface treatment of raw materials is carried out, followed by vacuum aluminum plating, a protective layer is applied, and color is applied. Then, it is divided, processed, cut, and formed. After post-treatment, the finished product is produced.

The above is the common knowledge of Jincong powder, hoping to be helpful to everyone! If you want to learn more about Jincong powder, you can pay more attention to our website! If you need to purchase scallion powder, lettering film, gold and silver short fibers, etc., you can directly contact us by phone!