Do you know about the dry spray and wet spray of scallion powder sequins?

2022-12-08 13:19

The precision of Jincong powder is relatively high, and it is made through a unique surface treatment material. What are the spraying methods for Jincong powder sequins? There are generally two methods, namely wet spraying and dry spraying, and there is another method called sprinkling gold onion powder sequins. These three methods can all make the sequins onto the required components. Let's learn about them together.

Dry spraying is a commonly used method nowadays. One is to spray evenly, but the layer is thin and easy to level. Generally, we only use dry spraying method. Silver sequins only need one clear coat to be polished flat, while colored sequins need two coats, and then they can be colored and painted. Construction method: First, select the color of the sequins to be sprayed. For silver sequins, it is best to use silver as the base color, and the base color of colored sequins can be black or the same color as the sequins, Suggest making the same color background, so that the sequins look better overall! Then spray a layer of varnish, use a dry spray gun to only spray the sequins onto the components, and then apply varnish for leveling. Generally, high concentration varnish or leveling varnish is better, with good filling ability and reduced spraying layers! This method has good results, uniform powder, reduces manual labor, and relatively saves varnish costs, but the sequins need to be wasted!

Wet spraying refers to mixing golden onion powder sequins with varnish and directly spraying them on the components. The effect of wet spraying is not too uniform, and once the varnish flows, the sequins will also flow with it, causing a significant impact on the local area. Overall, it is not very beautiful, and the most important thing is that it is difficult to level. It needs to be repeatedly polished and sprayed to make it smooth. For silver sequins, it is better, and colored sequins cannot be made at all.

Sprinkle golden scallion powder sequins. This method is mainly aimed at small area use. Generally, the golden scallion powder sequins are placed in a small bottle, similar to the one used for pepper powder. After installation, a layer of glue or varnish is applied to the components to be sprayed, and then the sequins are sprinkled. The effect of this method is not too uniform, but it is cost-effective.

The above is about the commonly used spraying methods for golden onion powder, hoping to help everyone!