The probability of generating static electricity in winter is relatively high, what is the impact on

2022-12-08 10:30

Everyone has also personally felt that the lower temperature in winter causes frequent static electricity, and the static electricity generated by friction is much larger than that in summer; The cutting or punching process in the production process of golden onion powder inevitably generates static electricity during the production of golden onion powder and opposite sex sequins. So what is the impact on golden onion powder?

Bottle packaging industry: In this industry, if you are packaging a single color and size of scallion powder, it will not have a significant impact. If you are packaging mixed colors or mixed specifications of powder, static electricity can cause very bad effects. There will be powder sticking to the inner wall of the bottle, and the amount of powder adhered to the inner wall will vary due to different colors, sizes, and static sizes, which seriously affects the appearance of bottled scallion powder.

It can be said that excessive static electricity has already affected the effectiveness of Jincong powder in its application industry. Is there a solution? The R&D team has improved the coating formula of the surface layer of Jincong powder to address this phenomenon. During the coating process, protection is provided to reduce the static electricity generated during the powder cutting or lamination process, allowing Jincong powder to be well applied in various industries in winter without being affected.

I hope everyone can understand why winter static electricity has an impact on scallion powder through the content of this article. Without special treatment, many negative phenomena may occur, and some industries may even affect the product's effectiveness.