Is there any significant difference between golden onion powder and silver powder?

2022-12-08 10:28

Golden onion powder is widely used as a decorative material. Similarly, the utilization rate is relatively high. Whether it's holiday greeting cards, beauty products, or clothing shoes, they can all be decorated with scallion powder. Many people easily mix gold onion powder and silver powder together. In fact, these two are different. Let's take a look today! Jincong powder is made of finely cut high-precision electroplating materials. Its material is finely cut. PET, PVC, OPP, and scallion powder can all be produced with particle sizes starting from 0. 002mm-6.0mm. Its shapes include quadrangles, hexagons, rectangles, diamonds, etc. Golden onion powder includes gold, silver, color, color, illusion, pearl, laser, etc. Each color series is equipped with a surface protection layer, with a bright color and resistance to mild corrosive chemicals such as climate and temperature.


Silver powder is a metallic pigment made of aluminum with the same silver white luster as silver. Add a small amount of lubricant to pure aluminum foil, crush it into a scale like powder, and then polish it. Aluminum powder is light, very stable in the air, with strong reflective light ability, high floating force, strong coverage, and good photothermal reflection performance. After processing, it can also become non floating aluminum powder.

Silver powder (aluminum powder) is a major metal pigment due to its wide range of uses, high demand, and wide variety. The aluminum powder particles used in pigments are scaly, and it is precisely due to this scaly particle state that aluminum powder has a metallic color and shielding function.

There are two methods for silver powder (aluminum powder): one is to mix pure aluminum sheets with a small amount of lubricant and mechanically crush them; Another method is to heat and melt pure aluminum into a liquid, and then spray it into fine aluminum powder. Aluminum powder is mixed with petroleum solvents to form a slurry, forming a slurry like aluminum powder pigment, also known as silver slurry.

I believe you have some understanding of Golden Scallion Powder and Silver Powder. Generally speaking, the price of Jincong powder is relatively cheap, and decoration is also more popular in various industries. It has always been an indispensable element in the fashion industry. That's all for today's sharing.