Application Industry of Golden Scallion Powder

2022-12-08 10:27

There are many industries in which Jincong powder is applied, mainly including the following:

1. Cosmetics industry

The golden onion required by this industry must be made of high-quality and environmentally friendly new materials, with a specially crafted formula. The product has a variety of colors, unique color schemes, and diverse shapes, and has always been leading the fashion trend in colors. It is a must choose product for professional nail products, makeup products, fashion accessories, and other industries.

2. Screen printing industry

Jincong powder has a unique metallic shiny texture, layered concavity and convexity, and rich three-dimensional sense. This unique visual effect is widely used in the field of screen printing, and mainstream industries such as clothing and fabric printing, paper printing, and leather printing. With the increasing environmental protection requirements both domestically and internationally.

Main demand characteristics:

① It is resistant to water washing and alkali water (pH value < 10), and does not fade after cooking at 100 ℃ for 1 hour.

② Wash with warm water at 70 ℃ for at least 5 times.

③ The formaldehyde content of each kilogram of scallion powder shall not exceed 30PPM.

3. Stationery glue industry

Jincong has high standards for material selection and high requirements for craftsmanship, especially in terms of environmental protection, such as formaldehyde, heavy metal content, and the quality of hard indicators such as acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance of the product.

4. Building materials industry

High quality polyester materials are used. Jincong products are widely used in such products as seam sealants, artificial quartz stones, mosaics, floors, UV panels in cabinet rooms, wallpaper, furniture painting, and craft glass. The product features acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, UV resistance, high transparency, etc. Jincong products have been extended from the original use of indoor decoration to outdoor decoration, and the product quality has been greatly improved.